The Leong Tennis Academy was established to be a training ground to train and develop talented juniors of all ages. LTA has created its mission on the idea that it is determined to develop players to their fullest potential on and off the court.

The academy members are a family with a goal of striving for excellence and the desire to improve each day with the support of one another. LTA is committed to developing each player’s attitude, strong work ethic and group compatibility in this unique sport of tennis.

It is devoted to an environment that fosters the individual development of each player as student-athletes and due to the modest size of the academy there is an opportunity for participants to understand the concept of a great player and coach relationship.

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I started working with Chris and Angela Leong around the time when I was beginning my freshman year in high school. During the OSAA state tournament, I had lost to the girl that won the tournament very easily. I continued to train with Chris and Angela and a year later, when the OSAA state tournament came around for my sophomore year in high school, I faced the same girl I lost to in the previous year. I ended up beating her in three sets and it was one of the greatest matches I have ever played. The match overall was a good indication of how much I had improved within a year through Chris and Angela’s training. Ellie G. Women’s Division I Player
I am so glad i am playing at the Leong Tennis Academy. Chris and Angela are very dedicated and work really hard but know how to have fun. They are the best coaches anyone can ask for. They have so much knowledge to give and can relate to each and every one of us. These two people are the nicest people you will ever meet. It is a great feeling to know that I have two wonderful people who are helping me become the best tennis player/person I can be. Thank you so much for everything. Tasha H. - Academy SELECT Player
The Leong Tennis Academy is veryy engaging… there is both friendship and respect between student and coach. Chris and Angela are thorough and give so much of themselves to the players they are coaching. Its an impressive program embraced fully by our family… Cindy M SELECT Program Parent
Angela and Chris have put together an amazingly potent program for developing junior talent. You will be hard-pressed to find a coaching team who care as deeply as they do about the growth of their students both as players and as people. Add to this their passion, knowledge and experience and you’ve got a package that is unsurpassed. I’ve been fortunate enough to know them both on a personal level…you won’t find more professional, dependable and kind people anywhere. If you live in the Portland area and are serious about improving your game and want to work with two of the best in the business, do yourself a favor and join forces with the Leong Tennis Academy! Adam Brewer Creator/Director, TenX Fitness
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