Leong Tennis Academy would like to congratulate…

Leong Tennis Academy would like to congratulate its players who participated in the Oregon State Dual Level 5 Championships.

Those players included:

Elizabeth Johnson, Taylor Rees, Katie Lorish, Peter Beatty, Nic Mulflur, Tommy Mulflur, Anna Becker, Valerie Frank, Sam Stephenson, Stuart Tierney, Jackie Carr, Erin Larner, Michael Bott, Yevgeny Pereverzin, Trevor Apple, Belinda Niu, and Audrionna Farr.


Congratulation’s to our SELECT players who had amazing results!


Jackie Carr Girls 12’s Singles Finalist and Doubles Champion
Erin Larner Girls 14’s Singles Finalist
Audrionna Farr Girls 16’s Singles Finalist & Doubles Champion
Belinda Niu Girls 18’s Singles Champion
Michael Bott Boy’s 10’s Singles Finalist
Stuart Tierney Boys 16’s Singles Finalist
Sam Stephenson Boy’s 16’s Singles Consolation Finalist
Yevgeny Perverzin Boys 18’s Singles Finalist and Doubles Champion
Trevor Apple Boy’s 18’s Singles Quarterfinalist