530362_10200177436382751_1241490789_n“The Leong Tennis Academy is veryy engaging… there is both friendship and respect between student and coach. Chris and Angela are thorough and give so much of themselves to the players they are coaching. Its an impressive program embraced fully by our family…”

-Cindy M. Parent

“Chris and Angela focus on all the aspects of development that contribute to championship-level performance. This includes off-court physical training programs, dietary plans, mental approach, competitive focus, strategy, sportsmanship, and being a good citizen. Any youngster who enters the LTA will emerge not only as a more successful and complete tennis player………….but also as a more healthy, mature individual.“

-Bill & Kuei G.

“The best overall tennis academy in the Pacific Northwest, that’s how I would characterize the Leong Tennis Academy. Under Chris and Angela’s leadership, the passion, and intensity are contagious… I enjoy watching their practices as much as I enjoy watching them play in a tournament. Recently, one of my daughters said, “Leong Tennis Academy is like home, you feel good when you are there.” That to me says a lot about a program and the dedication of the staff. “

-Bill Hueffner
SELECT Program Parent

“My daughter Katie began tennis when she was 11 1/2 and immediately fell in love with it. She was very lucky because Angela and Chris began working with her and she has developed into a skilled tennis player. She is currently looking at colleges and is being recruited by highly competitive ones. She works very hard at tennis and despite the tough adversity that comes along with competitive tennis, she remains incredibly excited and devoted to the sport. As important as the tennis has been though, other things stand out about Angela and Chris’s program. These include their amazing devotion to the kids they work with, the fun, and the relationships that the kids have formed as they have all worked together on this challenging sport. As a parent it is wonderful to know that my daughter has this supportive, caring and fun family in the tennis community.”

-Linda H.
SELECT Program Parent

“Having already experienced the Leong’s passion for developing junior players through private lessons, it was a very easy decision to put our son into the SELECT program full-time when the Academy began in the fall of 2006. The Leong’s focus on stroke mechanics, match strategy, mental toughness, fitness and strong ethical play has had a huge impact on Sam’s on-court performance. The change in his game over the last two years is substantial thanks to the Leong Tennis Academy experience. We highly endorse this program for junior players who want to make it to the next level.”

-Leiann S.
SELECT Program Parent