Small Group Strength Training

196093_4056555943230_1354138030_nLTA is proudly introducing a NEW element to the training regime this coming season to enhance their game and overall training experience. We will be providing a one-on-one fitness assessment along with small group (4-5 player max) personal training sessions for program players in the advanced, performance and elite levels. These sessions will be booked on Saturdays OR Sundays at an off-site gym no more than 2.5 miles away (6-7 min drive) from SPARC with NASM Certified Personal Trainer Angela Leong, also specialized in BASIC NUTRITION, NEURO KINETIC THERAPY, KIEP-Corrective Exercise, TRX Suspension  and Kettle Bell Training.

Every player in our program will have the opportunity to receive an individualized FA (fitness assessment) to determine their current fitness capacity and use that information to assist in developing effective workouts uniquely customized for their particular fitness goals. Players will learn what gym equipment is best used specifically to their sport, learn to effectively use proper form and technique to get the best results and be given extra attention to mastering an organized warm-up that will include dynamic stretching and pre-habilitation for shoulders, back, and hips. During the pre-hab portion, players will learn to execute preventive drills with bands, tubes, and exercises that build up key areas to prevent tennis-related injuries. With these drills, players will have the tools to carry out these learned skills on a daily basis, with the goal of assisting them to be consistently healthier, be able to perform at a much higher level without injury and most importantly become better, stronger, faster, and more agile movers and performers on court.