LTA Junior Academy Programs


Our ACADEMY programs are the heart and soul of LTA and is offered only to an EXCLUSIVE number of players.  It is for the extremely serious player who envisions a strong future in the game, understands the high level of commitment and hard work that is needed and accepts that their individual journey to becoming the best player/person they can be will most likely entail more challenges than success, yet, has the faith that in the long run, success will prevail.

* Program Details:

  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • On-Court Tennis Training
  • Off-Court Tennis Training
  • Tournament Travel & Coaching

Evaluation & Assessment:

At the start, both the player and coach will work together to provide a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of their current technique and game style, on-court movement, functional movement, strength, flexibility, nutrition, overall athleticism and mental attitude. Following the evaluation and assessment process, a developmental plan will be implemented and tracked.  On-going training and short and long-term goals will be discussed, executed and/or re-evaluated.

On-Court Training:

On-court training runs Tuesday  through Thursday.  Privates are booked on Mondays, Fridays or Sundays.   In the summer months, on-court training increases to 3 to 6 hours per day, Monday through Thursdays and the training will always vary periodically to accommodate specific tennis needs.

Off-Court Training:

Champions have to deal with stressful situations to get to the top and it’s a common belief that experiencing great demands in fitness training not only helps to deal with daily challenges but it’s the best way to cope with stress. Using it and not letting it abuse you is one of the LTA philosophies. As we always say to our players, “Get control of your body and your mind will follow”.

  • Group Fitness -Training
    Dynamic performance training in a group setting – explosive, athletically-based movements that are tennis specific and designed to help player be faster, quicker, stronger, and more explosive on court in competition. Our players will not only work on their fitness but learn valuable knowledge and skills that will help build endurance, quick recovery and injury prevention. Movement preparation, strength and power, movement skill, Prehab/Strength, energy system development and regeneration are all important facets for any serious athlete. Our players will receive this valuable aspect to their training for 30 mins each practice day.
  • Mental Skills Group-Training is also be provided at each practice.  This part of the program addresses the mental aspects of the game. Players learn and gain an understanding of game styles, strategies and tactics, talk about short term and long term goals, discuss and evaluate recent matches they experienced or observed and perform group projects on relevant tennis related topics.

Tournament Travel and Coaching:

This is the most valuable aspect of the LTA program. No other program in the Pacific Northwest commits to the competition aspect of training for players like LTA does. LTA travels with their players to local and national tournament competitions and handles most travel arrangements, prepares, watches and critiques players’ matches and returns to work on areas that need improvement.

For schedule details, go to Our Academic-Year Series and Schedule Page.